An Evolution
in Solar Engineering

At SolarTech Universal, we scour the globe in search of the most superior materials the industry has to offer. Combined with our near fully automated manufacturing system, we offer consistently high quality modules that will last a lifetime.


By replacing busbars on the solar cells with SmartWire, there is a significant reduction of shading on the cell which allows greater light penetration. In addition, SmartWire creates a dense contact grid of 2,660 points, minimizing the opportunity for electron/hole recombination. The increased number of contact points also allows for increased electron collection. More electrons plus more collection equals greater power output, especially in low light conditions. Combined with the high peak watt power, the added low light power creates greater energy density, lowering the cost per kilowatt hour (kWh).

Roll to Roll

SmartWire electrode foil acts as a substrate for the otherwise fragile solar cells. As a result, negative effects of micro-cracks are eliminated providing a greater energy yield today and ensuring the longevity of the product in the future .

Cell Matrix

The cell matrix is designed to transfer each cell once it’s lamination process to SmartWire has completed to beging it’s journey to becoming an EPIQ solar panel.

Encapsulent (TPO)

The module is prepared for lamination with the addition of two sheets of encapsulant. EPIQ modules use a thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) encapsulation material which is vastly superior to ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) which is used in 80% of modules on the market today. TPO is a naturally water repellant material which is not subject to discoloration caused by ultraviolet exposure. EVA is a natural water absorber which experiences yellowing when exposed to UV.

Tempered Glass

Our 3.2 mm fully tempered glass protects the solar cells from harsh environmental conditions. The outside surface has an anti-reflective coating which allows for an industry leading 93.8% light transmittance for a perfect synergy of performance and longevity.

Duel Rated IP 65/67
Junction Box

The Tyco Electronic, Z-Rail, junction box is duel rated IP 65/67. This dust tight junction box is certified to withstand wind driven water up to 12.5L per minute and water submersion up to 1M. Outfitted with (3) bypass diodes, negative effects of shading and hot-spots are mitigated. The boxes are sealed with Dow PV-804, which is certified to stay cured from -50°C to 180°C, ensuring excellent performance in any environment.

Anodized Aluminum

EPIQ’s rigid 42mm, extruded 6063, T-5 hardened, anodized, aluminum frame is mechanically compressed with extruded aluminum corner keys. The virtually indestructible frame will withstand Mother Nature’s strongest wind and snow loads.

inspection process

The rigorous ispection process that includes over 30 quality inspection points is only the beginning of what insures every panel coming off our production line is at it’s peak level of quality each and every time.

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