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60 Cell - Black on White - PERC Panel
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60 Cell - Black on Black - PERC Panel
Industry Leading


Year Warranty

60 Cell - Black on White - HJT Panel

EPIQ Solar Panels are produced with the highest quality materials within the industry and feature an exclusive technology called SmartWire. The 60-cell design includes PERC and Heterojunction Cell Technology that allows for higher efficiency, greater power generation and a premium design from cell-to-cell.

At SolarTech Universal, we have chosen the most superior materials the industry has to offer. Combined with our near fully automated manufacturing system, we offer consistently high power modules that will last a lifetime. Each material has been carefully tested to meet our best-in-class standards.

Technical Specifications

  • Power Output

    300 - 325W

  • Product Warranty

    15 Years

  • Performance Warranty

    30 Years

  • Cell Connection Technology

    SmartWire Connection Technology

  • Cell Type

    HJT & PERC

  • Cell Connection

    60 Cells

  • Module Efficiency

    18.4 - 19.9%

  • Module Weight

    Approx. 40 lbs

  • Module Dimensions

    997 x 1663 x 40mm (39.25 x 65.4 x 1.57in)

  • Frame Thickness


  • Front Load (Snow)

    5400 Pa / 112.8 Psf

  • Rear Load (Wind)

    3800 Pa / 79.4 Psf