Quantum, the newest line of solar

modules here for today, ready for tomorrow.


Superior Energy Production

Module efficiency of 17.2% achieved by utilizing the most advanced technology in the solar industry.

Advanced PERC Technology

A specialized mono-crystalline cell that improves the flow of energy by adding a

layer that distributes the electric current.

SmartWire Technology (SWT)

The revolutionary process for connecting solar cells that outrivals busbars by spreading the electric current through 18 micro-wires.

Dual IP65 / IP67 Rated Junction Box

High performance, wind driven water and submerging resistance allows for long-term system reliability connection.

Snow and Wind Prepared

Developed and certified to withstand the biggest snow and wind loads.

(5400 Pa and 3800 Pa)

Exceptional at low-light Conditions

The round shape of SmartWire reduces the wire shading by 25% and introduces a light trapping effect.

Remarkable Connection Durability

SWT acts as a protective layer for the solar cell, ensuring reliable contact points for decades of consistent performance.

Industry Leading Warranty

Accomplished with superior materials proven to perform better against potential induced degradation (PID).

*Due to SolarTech Universal's commitment to continuous product improvement; this data is subject to change without notice

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